UV Water Treatment System

UV Water Treatment System – Ultra-violet (UV) treatment is the disinfection process of passing water by a special light source. Immersed in the water in a protective transparent sleeve, the special light source emits UV waves that can inactivate harmful microorganisms.

Unbeatable Features :

  • UV chambers both internally and externally electro polished with double side flanges,
  • unique socket design, drain port and probe base.
  • Quartz glass technology for superior UV transmission
  • Specialized High intensity UV lamps rated for 9000 hours
  • Fails safe, on line validation with UV monitoring facility
  • Time elapse meter
  • Unique wiper assembly

Technical Specifications :

  • “Arklite” UV Water & Waste Water Treatment System (To eliminate microbial count, if any, from water and the treated sewage)
  • Flow Rate: 1 CMH to 100 CMH
  • SS 304/316 Shell, internally and externally mirror finished
  • Shell will have clamps for easy dismantling and cleaning.
  • Designed for requisite number of UV lamps.
  • Necessary gaskets
  • Designed for double open end quartz tube with 95% UV transmittance.
  • Inlet and Outlet of size : as per flow rate
  • UV Dosage @ 40 mJ / sq. cm. for water treatment and 60mJ / sq. cm. For wastewater treatment
  • UV transmission in water is 85%

Control Panel :

  • Construction: Indoor Wall mounted, made out of CRCA sheet, powder coated, dust and vermin proof, IP42 grade and, Complete with MCB
  • copper busbars and wired electronic ballasts
  • Power ON indicator
  • Lamp ON indicators
  • Run Hour meter
  • UV intensity meter (optional)

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