Chemical Dosing System

Chemical dosing system is used for dosing accurate quantity of chemical in the stream. Our various chemical dosing systems can be ideally used for different chemicals such as chlorine, acids, alkali, anti scalent, alum, SBS.

The features are :

  • Equipped with Polyelectrolyte powder wetting system and solution educator system
  • Durable
  • Systems fabricated from single point injection units to multi compartmented
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Corrosion resistant GFPP enclosure for pumps
  • Liquid end options PP PVC, PVDF & SS 316
  • Composite PTFE diaphragm for reliable and leak proof operation
  • Fully encapsulated electronic circuitry
  • Explosion proof pumps available External control by pulse or 4-20 mA available Epoxy coated Aluminium housing
  • Stroke adjustment by cam and spring return mechanism
  • Optional automatic control
  • Liquid end options PP PVC PVDF 8 SS 316
  • Composite PTFE diaphragm for reliable and leak proof operation

Series G :

  • Epoxy coated Aluminium / Cast Iron housing
  • Compact, light weight, economical
  • Stroke adjustment by variable eccentric
  • Low pulsations (without hydraulic shocks)
  • Few mechanically moving components low maintenance
  • Superior imported Gylon diaphragm for longer life

Applications :

  • Apartments Swimming Pools Hotels
  • Hospitals Tea-Coffee Estates Airports Railways
  • Municipal and Rural Water Supply Schemes Farms and Poultrie
  • Electromagnetic Type

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